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hi there

I'm Sarah

I am often asked what led me to floral design. My answer is surrendering to the universe and trusting my sacral instinct. 

Growing up in a family of avid gardeners with a profound love of nature, you could say I was destined to work with plants in some capacity. Ever since my journey took me down the path of professional gardening and floristry, I can honestly say I have not worked a day in my life. I love what I do and the people I have the privilege of designing for. 

fun facts

I grow my own fruit and vegetables in raised beds that I built from reclaimed materials.

When I cannot find humans to model my flower crowns, I use my two 75 pound (plus) rescue dogs, Cosmo and Mocha.

 I swam with dolphins in Bermuda. 

I am obsessed with true crime.

My flower van is also my camper van. My father and I converted it to be multi-purpose!

I have a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology, minors in Ethnic Studies and Music, and a Masters in International Peace and Conflict Resolution with a certification in Peace Education, K-12.

My favorite flower is a native plant to Pennsylvania, purple echinecea better known as cone flower. 

Let my designs be a part of your

cherished memories. 

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